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The Spay Neuter Action Project was co-founded in 1990 by Candy Schumann. She was a volunteer in a local animal shelter and after seeing countless stray animals come and go, she knew that adoption alone wasn't going to solve the problem. There were simply too many unwanted animals and not enough homes. Candy realized that to reduce the number of animals euthanized in shelters every year, it would be necessary to reduce the numbers of homeless animals coming into the shelters in the first place.

As of today, almost two decades later, SNAP has spayed and neutered over 35,000 animals in clinics all over SD County. The original Neuter Scooter, is a mobile surgery bus launched in 2003, and primarily serves communities in Southwest San Diego County (from City Heights to El Cajon and Chula Vista). The Neuter Scooters travel to low-income neighborhoods, providing affordable spay/neuter services right where they are most needed.

Our info hotline: (619) 525-3047 and spay appointment hotline:(866)-SPAYBUS (866)-772-9287 receives hundreds of calls every week. Many callers are referred to veterinarians in their neighborhood who offer reduced-rate spay/neuter services. Those who cannot afford even the reduced-rate services receive an appointment on the Neuter Scooter. Our goal is to make spay/neuter affordable for everyone!

SNAP's Dorell Sackett and children with bumper stickers advocating spay and neuter SNAP is funded through grants, private donations, and corporate sponsorships. We have two paid full-time employees but we rely heavily on volunteers. In addition to SNAP spay/neuter services, we offer information about spay/neuter as well as classes and workshops for people of all ages. For SNAP, spay/neuter education starts in kindergarten!

We take pride in our networking approach: we work with animal shelters and rescues, veterinarians, politicians, the media, and of course the citizens we serve. On the last Saturday of the month, SNAP holds adoption events in cooperation with local animal shelters and rescues. We foster dogs and cats who are looking for new homes. Throughout the year are present at many community events all over San Diego County. At many of these events, the public is invited to tour the Neuter Scooter and ask any questions they may have.

Even today, to provide a home for each dog and cat in the county, every household would need to have 24 pets. We at SNAP realize we have a long way to go... but we've started walking! Won't you join us? Please consider making a donation, volunteering with us, or adopting a pet at SNAP Petfinder.
Please remember to spay and neuter your animals -- it's a good thing! Spread the word.

SNAP is a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization. Our EIN (Federal Tax Identification Number) is 33-0517862.



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