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Neuter Scooter Eligibility and Appointment Scheduling

Please read the information below and call (866)-SPAYBUS (866)-772-9287 to talk to a SNAP scheduling volunteer about eligibility and scheduling. Make sure to listen to the SNAP recorded message very carefully, providing all the information that may be requested.

Neuter Scooter Pricing

Cats (add $5 for an optional e-collar**)

~Male cat pricing: $40
~Female cat pricing: $50
~if Multiple Cats: calculate costs by sex (Male or Female), and subtract a $10 discount off the regular price
~ALL FERAL CATS (including all FCC cats): $20 per cat. If needed, additional assistance is available on a case-by-case basis.


Dogs (add $5-small or $10-Large for an optional e-collar**)
(excluding the breeds listed below*):

Male dog pricing:
~up to 40 pounds - $55
~41-80 pounds - $75

Female dog pricing:
~up to 40 pounds - $65
~41-80 pounds - $85
~if Multiple Dogs: calculate costs by sex (Male or Female) and size, and subtract a $10 discount off the regular price

* Pit Bulls, Chows, and Rottweilers are breeds that are grossly overrepresented in San Diego County animal shelters. Therefore, to encourage owners of these breeds especially to spay and neuter their pets, we offer a special fee of $40 each, $10 discount for each group of 2 or more, for these three breeds and mixes thereof. Litter-Free Rebates may be available for low income residents serviced by the San Diego Department of Animal Services to help with cost.


Rabbits. SNAP does not alter rabbits on the Neuter Scooter. For information about low-cost spay/neuter services for rabbits in the San Diego area, please check out Services: Other Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Resources.

What's Included

All pricing includes the following:

~Spay/Neuter surgery**
~For dogs, a rabies vaccine is also included. If the dog has already had his/her rabies vaccination and only needs a license, the owner must bring proof of rabies paperwork to registration on the day of surgery. This paperwork must include vaccine manufacturer, vaccine name, lot #, veterinarian's information, and date of vaccination.
~Nail trim
~Advantage for patients on an "as needed basis" at the discretion of the SNAP staff. Patients found with fleas or tapeworms, will be treated at no additional charge.
~A free one-year license for dogs in the jurisdictions of San Diego County Animal Services, Chula Vista Animal Services, and North County Humane Society Animal Services.
~FREE id tags are also available to order at the Neuter Scooter thanks to Animal Trust Foundation.
~There is no additional charge for females "in heat," pregnancy, undescended testicles, overweight animals, etc.

**We recommend that owners of dogs or cats that have surgery go home with an Elizabethan collar (also called an E-collar or "cone") as a preventative measure. The collar may be purchased for an additional $5-Small and $10-Large.

To schedule your appointment call (866) SPAYBUS (866) 772-9287


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