San Diego, January 25, 2019 – As winter makes its way to spring with a warmer climate, unneutered male cats begin to “wander” in search of a mate and before long, hordes of unwanted kittens inundate shelters and rescue groups to the breaking point. To proactively address this annual occurrence, SNAP will hold all-cat spay/neuter clinics on February 3 and 4, at Chula Vista Animal Care Facility, 130 Beyer Way, 91911.  Check in begins at 7:30 am both days.

SNAP anticipates fixing 40 cats per clinic, alongside Chula Vista’s Spay Shuttle, who will fix an additional 20 cats.  This includes indoor cats, so they will already be fixed in case they manage to escape, and feral or “community” cats trapped by Good Samaritans the night before a clinic and kept inside a garage or shed for safety.  Kittens born outside in harsh conditions are usually hungry, cold, dehydrated, and have little chance of survival unless rescued and brought back to health. Caring for these newborns, often eight weeks or younger, is very taxing with their 24-hour intensive neo-natal care.

Many people are not aware that just one female cat and her female offspring can produce a staggering 420,000 kittens in six years!  Fixing 100 cats – fittingly – during National Spay-Neuter Awareness Month which falls in February, will prevent the existence of unwanted kittens in the first place. In addition to a discounted procedure performed inside SNAPs Neuter Scooter surgical bus, each cat will receive, at no extra charge, a pre-anesthesia health exam to rule out surgical risks, a nail trim, flea and worm treatments (with visible symptoms or at the discretion of the attending vet), an injectable pain medication, e-collar for females, and a sturdy cardboard carrier if one is needed.  Each feral cat will receive an ear-tip to show it has been fixed.

“We strongly encourage responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering not only prior to ‘kitten season,’ but by the time a pet reaches four months of age. Fixing by four months promotes better health and there will be less animals contributing to pet overpopulation.  Animals born needlessly is heartbreaking when a simple procedure can humanely prevent, or stop, the birth of unwanted litters,” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today by calling 619.525.3047 to request an appointment or register online by visiting  An experienced SNAP scheduler will call you within 24-48 hours to screen for eligibility and answer any questions that you may have. The fee is $30 per procedure and some Chula Vista residents may qualify for free services.  Please make that call today!


About SNAPSNAP became a registered non-profit in 1996.  It is recognized as the first organization in San Diego county to implement programs to reduce the number of companion animals killed annually in the shelter system.  SNAP remains the only affordable spay/neuter provider since 2003, to bring the veterinary office directly into communities struggling with chronic pet overpopulation. We have fixed over 60,000 cats and dogs to date. Please visit to learn more or follow SNAP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest activities.