San Diego, August 26, 2018 – The Spay-Neuter Action Project of San Diego, or SNAP, today announced it will host a “large dog only” specialty spay/neuter clinic on Sunday, August 26, at Camp Run-A-Mutt, 35 N Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista.  Check in starts at 8:00 am today!

SNAP, a registered non-profit founded in 1990, is recognized as the first organization in San Diego County, to implement programs to reduce the number of companion animals euthanized in local shelters year-round. They published the very first referral guide of affordable spay/neuter providers in the region, to address pet overpopulation at its source.  An improvement was realized in the number of shelter intakes from some zip codes, but lower-income communities trailed behind significantly. SNAP became an affordable spay/neuter provider in 2003, to bring services directly into these areas struggling with chronic pet overpopulation. An average of 500 procedures are performed monthly in targeted communities, by a fully trained and California State licensed veterinary team inside the Neuter Scooter surgical bus.  Over 70,000 combined cats and dogs have been altered to date.

There are 27 recovery kennels inside the bus; 23 standard and four oversized.  The oversized spaces are always reserved well in advance by large dog pet owners because of affordability.  A traditional veterinary office will charge between $500 and $700 for a large dog procedure, whereas SNAP asks for $100 or less to off-set medical wages.  All medical supplies are donated through private funders.  “Our waiting list continues to grow because of the need, and limited space for large dogs to recover following surgery,” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director.

To provide more large dog owners a chance for quality pet care without financial burden, SNAP holds a large dog specialty clinic almost every quarter, for up to 30 dogs, in Chula Vista or National City.  All large dog breeds and blends are welcomed throughout San Diego County, but special emphasis is placed on pit bulls and huskies to reduce their numbers euthanized regularly in the shelter system.  Surgeries are performed inside the bus then patients are transferred by gurney or two-person teams into a large room set up with extra-large crates, monitored by RVTs and volunteers during recovery.  Student volunteers from Sweetwater High School spend their day by helping technicians by talking to the dogs as they wake up from anesthesia.  They also make tags, organize paperwork and help clean kennels. “They are a great asset to our day!” Pet owners receive verbal and written post-op instructions and spay or neuter certificate before pets are released after the recovery period from their lifesaving spay or neuter procedure.

SNAP would like to thank Camp Run-A-Mutt in Chula Vista for hosting the clinic on August 26, as well as the Ethel Frends Charitable Foundation for underwriting the cost of big dog clinics during 2018.

For more information about SNAP, please visit or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by using the hashtag #SNAPsandiego.