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Mail Checks to: P.O. Box 235287
Encinitas, CA 92023


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Clinic or Service Sponsorships

Help us spay and neuter more pets! SNAP provides spay/neuter services for financially-challenged pet owners in San Diego County. You can sponsor an entire clinic – or choose a service!

  • $3500  Sponsor a clinic: FREE to pet owners (you pick the location)
  • $2500 Sponsor a clinic: LOW COST to pet owners (you pick the location)
  • $1500  Sponsor a clinic: LOW COST pre determined SNAP location
  • $500 Fuel the bus!
  • $300 Sponsor free microchips for one clinic (you pick clinic)
  • $200 Sponsor a dog’s spay/neuter 
  • $150 Sponsor a rabbit’s spay/neuter 
  • $100 Sponsor a cat’s spay 
  • $75 Sponsor a cat’s neuter 
  • $50 Supplies for free vaccines for a clinic
  • $25 Sponsor “Free rabies vaccinations” for a clinic
  • $15 Sponsor “Free nail trims” for a clinic
  • $10, $5, $2 – any amount goes toward helping someone fix their pet 

Be a Loyal Lifesaver

As a Loyal Lifesaver, you become part of the solution to reduce pet overpopulation and the suffering that follows, in some of the most underserved communities in San Diego County. The problem of surplus animals is prevalent to these areas, because income-challenged pet owners who otherwise love their pets, do not have the financial means to spay or neuter. Your monthly donation is a way to help us get more cats and dogs on board the Neuter Scooter surgical bus, to not only prevent the birth of unwanted litter after litter but also improve quality of life by no longer dealing with the negative consequences of remaining intact. For many, this is their first exposure to any kind of veterinary care, and all of this is made possible because of you.
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