Thank You Neuter Scooter 1
April 1st 7:00 am-1:30pm • 702 Broadway, El Cajon CA 92021


April 1st Marks the Final High-Volume Spay Neuter Clinic on SNAP Neuter Scooter 1 After 20.5 Years of Service

San Diego, CA – April 1, 2024 – SNAP (Spay Neuter Action Project) announces that April 1 will mark the final high-volume spay and neuter clinic aboard the iconic SNAP Neuter Scooter I, culminating over two decades of service to San Diego County. Since its inception in 2000 and its inaugural clinic in 2003 at Azalea Park, San Diego, the Neuter Scooter 1 has been instrumental in addressing pet overpopulation in the region.

Over the past 20 1/2 years, the original Neuter Scooter has performed over 60,000 surgeries, significantly reducing pet overpopulation in San Diego County by the hundreds of thousands. This milestone reflects the dedication and commitment of SNAP to promote responsible pet ownership and curb the number of unwanted animals entering our shelters.

The decision to retire SNAP Neuter Scooter I comes as a result of the CARB (California Air Resources Board) Truck law, which prohibits the registration of diesel vehicles built before 2010 in California. Despite this setback, SNAP North (Neuter Scooter II) will continue its vital work, serving the North County community with over 20,000 surgeries already performed.

While bidding farewell to the original Neuter Scooter, SNAP is excited to announce its future plans. The organization has been generously gifted a space in East County, where surgeries will continue uninterrupted. Furthermore, SNAP is actively fundraising for the Neuter Scooter III, which will replace the original unit and extend services to San Diego, South Bay, National City, and Imperial Beach.

To commemorate the final surgery day for SNAP Neuter Scooter I, pets will to arrive at the clinic on April 1st at 7:00 AM. Surgeries will be performed throughout the morning, and pets will be discharged between 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM.

SNAP expresses its profound gratitude to all supporters, volunteers, and partners who have contributed to the success of the Neuter Scooter I throughout its remarkable journey. Together, we have made a significant impact on the welfare of animals in San Diego County, and we look forward to continuing this mission with renewed vigor.

For media inquiries or to learn more about SNAP’s initiatives, please contact: Dorell Sackett, SNAP Director (760) 815-0945

About SNAP: SNAP (Spay Neuter Action Project) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing pet overpopulation through affordable spay and neuter services, community outreach, and education programs. Since 2000, SNAP has been committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving the welfare of animals in San Diego County.
SNAP became a registered non-profit in 1996. It is the first organization in the San Diego region to implement programs to reduce the number of companion animals euthanized annually in local shelters – and remains the only affordable spay-neuter provider to bring services directly to communities struggling with chronic pet overpopulation. We have fixed over 80,000 dogs, cats and rabbits since 2003. Please visit to learn more or follow SNAP on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest activities.