Winners Announced!

ART CONTEST for Be Kind to Animals Week

First Place: Dhawal Anand
“Here, I tried to include all of the aspects about which animals definitely wanted to speak upon and also through drawing and slogan I tried to convince the viewer to become the voice of this voiceless creatures and also instead of buying the pets, I urge all the pet lovers to adopt pets from Animal Rescues and provide them a better place to live in.”

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Second Place:
Student of Mr. Victor Vega at Laurel Elementary School

“The dog is walked each day for exercise.  Notice this pet has a leash, collar, and ID tag. (Also, the dog is spayed.)”

Third Place:
Miranda Squillace

“Here’s a painting of my friend’s cat Buyo enjoying the sunshine. (Notice the cat is enjoying the sunshine from indoors on the couch, since it’s safest for cats to be indoors.)”