Neuter Scooter Clinics

SNAP depends on the dedication and talent of our volunteers!

The Neuter Scooter travels throughout San Diego County, offering affordable spay/neuter clinics “on location”. Our clinics are popular and we’d be grateful to have some assistance with Vaccine Clinics: checking in customers, providing comfort for the animals (and their owners!) and distributing information for post-operation procedures. Bilingual volunteers are especially needed. If you love pets…you’ll see a few! View the Bus Schedule »

Social Media

If you’re a social media junkie, we have lots of information for you to share!

If you’re a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and/or Yelp guru and want to make a positive impact for us on Social, you might quickly become one of SNAP’s BFFs! We’d love to have help with getting the word out about all the fantastic things we do for our community – and for pets and their owners! We’re so proud of our accomplishments, and thankful to all our donors and supporters. We’d love to have your help with creating and sharing posts and information so everyone can be in the loop about what we do.

Event Planning

If you’ve got a knack for planning events, we want to hear your ideas!

Events bring the community together – and they’re FUN! We’re always looking for fresh new ways to gather pet lovers together – from brainstorming, to planning and execution…the options are open! Or if you want to help us at one (or more!) of our scheduled events, we would love to have you join us as part of our team. We have a very limited budget as a non-profit organization, and funds raised from our special events help us make our programs possible – and successful. We rely on the creativity of our dedicated volunteers to stretch our operating dollars, while showing the community a great time!


Do something awesome for your special day – and help us raise funds, too!

This year, do something epic for your birthday, work party, anniversary, reunion…or just because. Rally your friends or coworkers – and give back to our community by including SNAP in the festivities! It feels fantastic, knowing every dollar donated makes a huge difference in the lives of pets. Every contribution is much appreciated!

Community Service

Need hours? We can help!

If you need community service hours, please complete the form on this page – and be sure to include information on how many hours you need, the date you need to have them completed, and what the hours will be credited to (community service for school, work, or court.)

Education in Schools

When kids learn important things, they’ll remember them forever!

Become an in-classroom communication volunteer for SNAP. Bring your pet to classrooms and educate children about proper pet care, pet overpopulation and how important it is to spay and neuter pets – they may even teach their parents! Make an impact for a better future for our pets by starting with our younger generation. They, too, will most likely become pet owners one day. Let’s get them started in the right direction!
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SNAP Legacy Society

Celebrating Efforts, Past & Present

SNAP is launching a new program to strengthen our success, and we would like you to join us. You can make a lasting impact by adding a beneficiary gift to SNAP in your will or trust, a simple way to signify your love of animals and ensure your legacy continues. Other retirements assets, bank or financial accounts, and life insurance policies all have beneficiary designations that would make an enduring statement about your dedication to animals. We will celebrate SNAP legacy program members by hosting an annual reception, providing special semi-annual newsletters and recognition on our website.

To become a member or for more information, email

Be a Loyal Lifesaver

As a Loyal Lifesaver, you become part of the solution to reduce pet overpopulation and the suffering that follows, in some of the most underserved communities in San Diego County. The problem of surplus animals is prevalent to these areas, because income-challenged pet owners who otherwise love their pets, do not have the financial means to spay or neuter. Your monthly donation is a way to help us get more cats and dogs on board the Neuter Scooter surgical bus, to not only prevent the birth of unwanted litter after litter but also improve quality of life by no longer dealing with the negative consequences of remaining intact. For many, this is their first exposure to any kind of veterinary care, and all of this is made possible because of you.
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Support Friends of SNAP

Thanks to their generous support of our programs, we’ve been able to accomplish so many more things! We depend on organizations and individuals to help us carry out our mission: to reduce pet overpopulation…one step at a time.
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