Pet Lovers has funded unincorporated San Diego again for 2023!
Funding will reduce shelter intakes originating from unincorporated areas in San Diego County.

San Diego, May 20, 2022 – SNAP announced that it has received a $36,000 grant from the Pet Lovers License Plate Program, to reduce the number of animals entering the San Diego Department of Animal Services North Campus, from the unincorporated areas of Fallbrook, Julian, Ramona, San Pasqual Valley, Santa Ysabel, and Wynola.  The grant will cover the cost of surgical supplies for 24 affordable spay-neuter clinics, beginning in June and continuing through April 2023.

The service range does not have the resources necessary to stop the cycle of pet overpopulation. The clinics are therefore critical to decreasing the number of unwanted litters that contribute to the stray dog and cat populations, overcrowding in the San Diego Department of Animal Services North Campus, and a life of misery for homeless pets.  To alleviate these conditions, Ramona has been designated as the central clinic location due to its accessibility.  An estimated 720 surgeries will be performed by SNAPs high volume surgeons on the Neuter Scooter surgical unit, while parked at Tractor Supply Company on Hunter Street. The ratio of surgeries is 45 percent dogs and 55 percent cats.

SNAP has been an affordable spay-neuter provider since 2003, delivering services where needed most. Up to 20 clinics are held each month throughout the region for an average of 600 surgeries.  The modest fees are $20 to $100 per procedure, depending on species, weight, and gender.  SNAPs generous spay-neuter package at time of surgery includes a general health exam, nail trimming, flea/tick treatment, deworming, pain medication, rabies vaccination, recovery collars for dogs and female cats, and cardboard carriers for cats that need one.  Loose teeth extractions and wound care are also available, when needed, and for a nominal fee, the surgeons neuter animals with cryptorchidism, repair simple hernias, and implant microchips.  A one-year license is available for pets who qualify by zip code.  For a limited time, lifesaving DAPPv vaccines for dogs and HCP vaccines for cats, donated by Petco Love, are administered at no charge.

“We were thrilled when notified of the grant to decrease intakes at the San Diego Department of Animal Services North Campus, as well as decrease the unfortunate use of euthanasia to manage space,” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director.  SNAP would like to emphasize that sterilizations are the only humane and effective way to prevent unwanted dogs and cats from coming into the world unnecessarily – and remind pet owners that appointments are needed for services on the Neuter Scooter.

SNAP wishes to publicly thank the Pet Lovers License Plate Program for supporting their work of easing pet overpopulation and its tragic consequences, in these outlying areas. View Flyer »

About SNAP

SNAP became a registered non-profit in 1996.  It is recognized as the first organization in the San Diego region to implement programs to reduce the number of companion animals killed annually in the shelter system.  SNAP remains the only affordable spay and neuter provider since 2003, to bring the veterinary office directly to communities with high shelter intakes.  We have fixed over 65,000 cats and dogs to date. Please visit to learn more or follow SNAP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest activities.