SNAP is excited to build its FIRST stationary surgical suite for spay/neuter!

San Diego, November 21, 2023 – SNAP is hosting an Open House on December 10, 2023 and will host tours of the Neuter Scooter mobile surgical units and showcase the new stationary surgical suite under construction. The event will be held from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at 702 Broadway in El Cajon.

The original Neuter Scooter has just celebrated its 20th birthday and is ready to retire due to new vehicle emission standards in California. The bus has been parked adjacent to All God’s Creatures Teaching Hospital & Surgery Center in El Cajon this year to host 3-4 clinics a week for east county residents. Through this strong partnership with our host, SNAP has been offered space to build and equip a surgical suite at that site to launch our first stationary surgery center.
Outfitting SNAP’s first stationary clinic is a priority project, with an overall project cost of $20,000 for facility retrofit and surgical equipment purchase and installation. SNAP has already received commitment from local contractors and the adjacent veterinary hospital to provide free or reduced rate construction services and building materials for this project. Some of the serviceable equipment from the Neuter Scooter bus will be relocated to the new suite, but some equipment has reached its useful lifetime and will need replacement.

“These services directly reduce the challenges the overcrowded animal shelters are experiencing now” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director of Operations.

SNAP has been an affordable spay-neuter provider since 2003, delivering services directly where needed most. SNAP schedules up to 30 clinics each month throughout the region and reached an all-time record of 8,523 surgeries performed in 2022 and will perform over 9,000 in 2023. The modest fees are $20 to $125 per procedure, depending on species, weight, and gender. SNAPs generous spay-neuter surgery package includes a general health exam, nail trim, flea/tick treatment, deworming, pain medication, recovery collars for dogs and female cats, and cardboard carriers for cats that need one.

About SNAP – SNAP became a registered non-profit in 1996. It is the first organization in the San Diego region to implement programs to reduce the number of companion animals euthanized annually in local shelters – and remains the only affordable spay-neuter provider to bring services directly to communities struggling with chronic pet overpopulation. We have fixed over 75,000 dogs and cats since 2003. Please visit to learn more or follow SNAP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our latest activities.