San Diego, June 21, 2017 – The Spay Neuter Action Project, the first organization in San Diego County to provide programs to solve the tragic outcomes of pet overpopulation, announces its “All Chihuahua” specialty spay/neuter clinic on Thursday, June 22, at the VFW in Lemon Grove.

SNAP, as more commonly known around the community, is a registered, non-profit organization that formed in 1990 to reduce the number of unwanted pets in San Diego County. Affordable spay/neuter services are offered through mobile clinics in primarily lower-income neighborhoods. An average of 500 surgeries are performed each month by fully trained and licensed veterinarians with support from qualified medical assistants, in the hospital- grade operating suite located inside the “Neuter Scooter” surgical bus. Over 55,000 combined cats and dogs have been fixed since 2003.

Statistics show that Chihuahuas rank second as the most euthanized breed in City and County-run shelters, right behind Pit Bulls. Chihuahuas also make up 30 percent of all intakes. Up to 40 Chihuahuas of both genders will be fixed during the daylong clinic, sponsored by Chihuahua Rescue of San Diego. “The ability to fix this number of Chi’s in one take has great significance, since two unaltered dogs and their young can produce another 67,000 offspring in the space of six years,” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director. She added, “year seven can see an increase to one million offspring.” Preventing the birth of unwanted litters is the only way to reduce overcrowding in shelters where many Chihuahuas end up due to overbreeding.

The cost to clients for this Chihuahua-only clinic is $50 per pet. In addition to this lifesaving procedure at an affordable rate, all pets scheduled for surgery will receive, at no extra charge, a pre-anesthesia health exam to screen for any surgical risks, injectable time-released pain medication, a nail trim, a rabies vaccine if needed, flea and/or deworming treatments if needed, an e-collar, and a free one-year license for San Diego County and Chula Vista jurisdictions.

For more information on SNAP, upcoming clinics, programs, and ways to get involved, please visit www.snap- or for up-to-the-minute postings. If you would like to receive SNAPs monthly newsletter full of helpful information on pet health and welfare as well as valuable announcements, please send an email to