SNAP announced that it has received a supply of Canine DAPPv and Feline HCP vaccines through the Petco Love immunization program.

SNAP plans to vaccinate a minimum of 400 dogs and 400 cats in primarily lower-income communities where many pets are unvaccinated due to the prohibitive cost of private veterinarians, and in some cases, a lack of awareness in the susceptibility of remaining unvaccinated.

The vaccines will be administered to pets at no charge during spay-neuter surgeries performed by highly skilled surgeons in the Neuter Scooter mobile unit. In addition to receiving a lifesaving Canine DAPPv or Feline HCP vaccine, each pet receives a basic health exam, a nail trim, flea and/or worm treatment (as directed by the attending veterinarian), a Rabies vaccine for dogs (initial or re-inoculation) to comply with state requirements, pain medication, e-collar, and a sturdy cardboard carrier for cats that need one. Client fees range from $20 to $100 per procedure, depending on species, weight, and gender. Other services such as microchipping or a simple hernia repair are available for a nominal fee at time of surgery. Previously spayed or neutered pets may also access the free vaccines at the Neuter Scooter by signing up with SNAP.

SNAP holds four clinics a week with an average of 28 animals sterilized per clinic – at a ratio of 45 percent dogs and 55 percent cats. A higher volume of calls and online registrations is anticipated once word circulates that free Canine DAPPv and Feline HCP vaccines are available through November 30 with a spay or neuter conducted by SNAP. Petco Love offers a weekly or monthly reorder option if supplies run low before the promotion ends, which can happen if we encounter multiple clients with multiple pets.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity to protect companion animals against deadly diseases in marginalized communities where the Neuter Scooter is their only affordable pet care option. There is excitement across the organization that we have been given the power to reduce the incidence of Canine DAPPv and Feline HCP with a single jab during the normal course of our work,” said Dorell Sackett, SNAP Executive Director. SNAP would like to publicly thank Petco Love for making this possible.

The first round of vaccinations took place at a clinic for military-owned pets on Sunday, September 19, during Bark in the Park at the Turner Field Naval Amphibious Base. The surgeries were sponsored by the Rich Setzer Memorial Grant through the San Diego Chapter of Dogs on Deployment. Free vaccine clinics continue on the Neuter Scooter weekly. Pet owners with spayed or neutered pets can sign up for free vaccines.

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