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Shanti’s House is an important initiative under the SNAP umbrella of programs that addresses the plight of feral cats and community cats in San Diego County.

A Solution for Feral Cats

Shanti’s House located on the grounds of a senior assisted living facility, is a unique alternative to the traditional method of TNR (trap, neuter, release) used to control the feral cat population. The sanctuary on the other hand provides lifetime care for every cat that is lucky enough to call it home. Every cat goes through some degree of rehabilitation and behavior modification to prepare them for forever homes. The cats remain in place until they are tame enough to be adopted and are never released to “barn programs.”

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Services to Local Community

It took three years to create and build out the compound.  Once the living spaces were completed, all cats in the original colony who had been trapped and spayed-neutered during implementation of the initiative, moved into the sanctuary to begin their new lives. SNAP assisted with more than 75 of the surgeries to advance their goal of preventing unwanted litters. Shanti’s House continues to trap and spay-neuter feral cats in the surrounding areas to manage the population growth in different colonies.

Educational Services

The educational arm of Shanti’s House brings awareness to the hardship of feral cats and what can be done to help.  They extend their expertise and a free helping hand to individuals and animal welfare groups who wish to emulate their business model.  Shanti’s House has secured a second location in central San Diego to build another sanctuary, subject to funding.

How Shanti’s House Helps Feral Cats

  • Reduces shelter intakes
  • Opens space for more rescues
  • Reduces the incidence of euthanasia
  • Reduces the incidence of homeless litters
  • Reduces exposure and suffering
  • Decreases acts of cruelty
  • Promotes “adopt not shop” thus discouraging the cat mill industry
  • Provides an innovative business model that offers free A-Z hands-on mentoring which can impact cat colonies locally, across the US, and even abroad
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