Dorell Sackett

Executive Director

“I am proud to be a part of the Spay-Neuter Action Project and empower people to be responsible pet owners. SNAP improves the welfare of pets, people and the community here in San Diego. Reaching 65,000 dogs and cats altered in San Diego County aboard our 38-foot high-volume surgical mobile unit, along with educating scores of families locally on the importance of proper pet care is a milestone for pets in this county.”


Clinic Manager

“I am thrilled to be part of the team that will spearhead the start of SNAP North. Providing affordable spay and neuter in the Northern region of San Diego county is long overdue.

In addition to all the clinic managing duties I perform, I have enjoyed implementing and maintaining the SNAP North social media account!  I believe that a social media account specific to SNAP North is helping reach potential pet parents, providing spay and neuter education facts to the public, as well as sharing fun photos of our team and our ADORABLE patients.”

MaryJane Garcia

Grant Writer

“I have been writing grant proposals to support SNAP’s affordable spay-neuter program for over five years.  It is deeply satisfying to receive funding to improve quality of life for companion animals and reduce the numbers contributing to pet overpopulation.  It is also an honor to be part of an organization that humanely prevents unwanted litters and educates the public on best pet care practices.  I believe in compassion for all creatures big and small.  (The beautiful bird in the photo visited our stall during Earth Day in Balboa Park.)”

Scheduling Team

Our SNAP scheduling team processes over 23,000 phone calls to our 800 hotline every year – along with over 500 online clinic registrations. They assist customers with appointments, reminders, referrals, follow up, and general advice.

Kylie Bennett

Lead Scheduler / Administrative Assistant

Kylie will help you with all your scheduling needs. She is knowledgeable about many local San Diego organizations and has options for you and your pet. Kylie is a kitten and dog foster failure. Ask her what trouble Charlie has gotten into today!

Michell Sydoriak

Scheduler, Post-Op Follow-up

Michell has worked with SNAP for over 10 years and truly loves helping people and their pets. Michell will help you schedule your pet on SNAP’s Neuter Scooter or help direct you to other resources if needed. Michell doubles as a volunteer and foster for many animal organizations, but her true love is with the pitbulls and rats.


Dr. Laura Paris: Surgeon and Premise SNAP North
Dr. Sulani Grindle: Premise SNAP East
Dr. Benavides: Surgeon and Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Mosley: Surgeon and Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Paik: Surgeon
Dr. Bader: Surgeon
Dr. Paris: Surgeon

Registered Veterinary Technicians


Veterinary Assistants


Kennel Assistants


Neuter Scooter

John Hammond
Barto Bartolucci

Neuter Scooter Client Service Desk


“Quotes” from Our Customers

“Absolutely wonderful for low-income elderly.”
Rita from Oceanside

“We wanted to say thank you soooo much for offering this service for our sweet kitty! We totaled up how much service we received for $30 and it would have been about THREE times as much! We’re on a ridiculous budget right now, so we really needed this special very much! Thank you, and bless you all!”
Love from Shannon, Shayne & Luna

“SNAP is a great organization. Anyone who goes out of their way to help animals is great in my book and SNAP does more than go out of their way. They’re a group of wonderfully dedicated and selfless people.”
Mike S.

“Thank God for this program. Couldn’t afford it without you”
T. Tigert