New unit to replace original lifesaving unit set to retire after 17 years of dutiful service.

San Diego, August 8, 2020 – SNAP announced today that their new surgical unit will be driven off the production line at the La Boit manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ohio, during a livestreaming event on Facebook scheduled for 10:00 am Pacific Time on Friday, August 14, 2020.

There continues to be a need for affordable spay and neuter services in San Diego County, in primarily underserved communities that lack the resources to prevent, or stop, pet overpopulation.  In the early days as an affordable spay and neuter provider, SNAP learned that disadvantaged pet owners were not comfortable leaving their neighborhoods to seek veterinary care and many did not have reliable transportation to reach other affordable pet care services up to 25 miles away.  SNAP eliminated these barriers by bringing quality pet care directly to them – without a financial burden to fix their pets, in the parking lots of community libraries, recreation centers, or the markets down the street.

The new surgical unit was made possible by a matching capital grant from PetSmart Charities received at the end of 2018, following two years of discussions and a site visit.  PetSmart Charities recognized that SNAP’s  aging surgical unit (the Neuter Scooter) in service since 2003 could not last forever, and that SNAP remains the only affordable pet care provider to visit critical locations struggling with chronic pet overpopulation.  Our matching obligation was fulfilled by early 2020 through the generosity of other donors including top naming rights by The Morgan Family Foundation and Las Patronas.

SNAPs veterinary team gave input on the design elements submitted to the manufacturer in advance of production.  The new unit features cutting edge medical equipment, advanced technology, added workspace, stainless steel surfaces, laminate wood flooring, expanded storage capacity, more oversized recovery kennels, and a separate entrance from the cab.  “We are just thrilled to take ownership of a customized surgical unit but hold the original unit in high esteem for being the site of over 60,000 spay and neuter procedures. From a strategic standpoint, the best part of the new model is going from four to six oversized recovery kennels to hold more dogs up to 80 pounds.  We always have a waiting list for larger dogs to be fixed because of our affordability.  Now we can do more to reduce the number of pit bulls and huskies euthanized regularly in our local shelters,” said SNAP Executive Director Dorell Sackett.

After suspending operations to meet COVID-19 guidelines, SNAP is now running on a modified schedule with safety precautions.  Please visit to register for an appointment or to make a donation for surgical supplies, always our greatest need as we continue the work of curbing pet overpopulation.